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All Veils/Mantles

Each of these beautiful veils comes with a free instructional/demonstration DVD that is 30 minutes long, filled with strategic symbolic movements that can be done with the veil.You will also receive free a beautiful sheer organza bag to keep your veil/mantle in.

In the Book of Mysteries by Jonathon Cahn He writes; Mantles are a garment, a clock, represents a calling, the charge, the ministry, and the anointing of God.

Calling: divine summons, vocation, or invitation, summoning, naming

Charge: to lay on or impose, a duty, to entrust, to lay on, give, or communicate, as order, command, or earnest request, to enjoin, to exhort, to bind by oath

Ministry: the office, duties, or functions of agency; service, aid; interposition; instrumentality, persons who compose the executive government or the council of supreme magistrate

Anointing: to pour oil upon, to smear to daub, to consecrate by unction, to prepare, set apart

Mantle according to the Webset’s unabridged dictionary of 1897 is: a kind of clock or loose garment to be worn over other garments

2 a cover, 3. a cover that which conceals, as a mantle of charity, 4. to expand, to spread 5. to joy to reveal 6. to be spread or extended

Mantles are an authority in the anointing on our lives, a covering from the forces of the physical world.

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