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All Threshing Floor Prayer Mats

Threshing Floor Prayer Mats

These Threshing Floor Prayer Mats are both beautiful and functional. The Lord meets us on the Threshing Floor, as we humble ourselves by kneeling before the Lord as we pray. This is another way to establish an alter to the Lord in your home.

The idea about the Threshing Floor prayer mats came to me one day as I was praying and seeking the Lord . I heard the Holy Spirit speak these words to me; “There are people all over the world that are kneeling on mats to a foreign God 5 times a day and my people don’t take the time to kneel before me one time a day.” As I pondered about this I thought about creating a mat that we as believers could use to meet with God as we kneeled before Him.

Shortly after that I received an email from a Major in the military who was stationed in Iraq. She wrote that she had found our site online and was writing to ask me about something. She said that many soldiers were purchasing what was called magic carpets to take home as souvenir’s.

She said that these mats were the prayer mats the Muslim people kneel on and pray to allah 5 times a day. She asked me if we had thought about making some type of mat that believers could kneel  and pray on. I took that as a confirmation from the Lord.

This was 14 years ago and many people have enjoyed meeting with our Father on these “Point of Contact” mats. We are always adding more choices that will appeal to each person’s preference.

Padding in the center.

They have a fiberfill padding in the middle so they are nice and soft to kneel on. Many people say that they hang them on their wall when they aren’t using them. The sew 3 little plastic rings along the top and then they can hang it up easily. Many  say that they also put them on their bed and sleep under them.

Sometimes these points of contact really can have an emotional effect on us that help transport us into the presence of God.

Most of them have scripture on them so as you decree the word of God that is written on the mat. the angels hearken to the word of the Lord to go forth to perform it. that is found in Psalm 103:30


Most of the mats are 36″ x 44″  The world map is bigger.

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