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Shofars, Ram Horns & Trumpets

There are two types of shofars. One is a rams horn shofar. This shofar is made from the horn of a ram. The other type of shofar is a Yemenite Shofar. It comes from the Antelope called the Kudu. Both types of shofars that we offer come from Israel.They are Kosher processed. Each type of shofar has its own particular purpose. If you are going to blow either of these types of shofars in faith,believing that the Lord will hear and respond, then it is important to understand the types of calls and the language they speak. Which shofar to blow on which occasion. To learn more about the scriptural reasons for the individual purpose of each of these ancient instruments read “Heavenly Impact”, Symbolic Praise,worship and intercession, “On earth as it is in heaven.”

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