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All Books, CD's, DVD's and Kits By Jeanette Strauss

Books by: Jeanette Strauss

Here you will find all the books written by Jeanette Strauss. We’ve put all books, CD’s and DVD’s in one convenient place for you to find. E-Book Formats can be found in the E-Book tab (far right) Books included are;

From the Courtroom of Heaven to the Throne of Grace and Mercy. In this book Jeanette shares the dream that came as an answer to her prayers for her daughter. The Lord told her in the dream why her prayers weren’t being answered and then He took her into the Courtroom of Heaven and gave her the strategy that worked to get her prayers answered.
Her story is on YouTube too. Here is the link:

You can put Jeanette Strauss- Courtroom of Heaven in the You tube search bar in case the link doesn’t work for you. The rest of her videos are there for you to watch also.
The companion handbook to The Courtroom book  is called From the Courtroom of Heaven to the Throne of Grace and Mercy-  Prayers and Petitions.

There are 10 chapters of all different kinds of prayers to pray in the Courtroom of Heaven. All of the Prayers are scripture you only need to put a name in the blank spaces during the prayer.

You can order the books separately or as a bundle which is the two together. We also offer it in a convenient CD.

Heavenly Impact Symbolic Praise, Worship & Intercession- On earth as it is on heaven. There is a Teachers Manual and a Student Workbook to this book for those who would like to teach a bible study on it. If a person orders the set of these three they also get a frameable certificate of completion.

From God’s Hands to Your Land- Blessings.  We have it in the book and CD format. We offer a kit that includes a Book, Communion for four, milk and honey, Consecration oil, seeds for prosperity and water. Everything you need in one convenient box. Great Gift idea.

Redeem your Home.  You can buy the book or you can buy the bundle; Anointing oil and book.
Heavenly Advance- Prophetic Intercession which Activates the Forces of God’s Angelic Armies. This book is about prophetic intercession.

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