Debi Woods Calligraphy

Share your faith in a refreshing new way. Debi Woods artistic ability is an expression of faith.
A note from Debi… “I was introduce to calligraphy by a watercolor artist in Fort Walton Beach, FL in 1986. She gave me a set of calligraphy pens. Content with what I was doing at the time, I resisted. She was relentless about me trying the pens. Finally, I gave in and tried them. The very first stroke of thick and thin lines began a love affair and passion for lettering. I recognize that talent, desire and passion was within me long before I tapped into it. Thankful for my talent and my watercolor artist friend who obviously could see the talent before I did. As we approach 2016, it will be 30 years of calligraphy for me. Just beginning….

A special thanks to all of my family, friends and customers.

The Scribe Product Information All products start with an idea, thought or inspiration. Each calligraphy piece is first sketched out in pencil until the results are satisfactory to me. Making sure that the lay out is eye appealing and balanced. Sometimes several sketches are made before I put ink to it. With most of the calligraphy pieces I add a little flourish, some are kept black and with some, color is added. Originals are then taken to print of high quality. Frames and mats are selected to best compliment the print. Once those choices are made, products are then assembled and ready to ship.

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