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eBook-From God's Hands to Your Land: Blessings Jeanette Strauss

eBook-Redeeming Your Home Jeanette Strauss

  • Redeeming Your Home was written in response to requests from people who have read my book From God's Hands to Your Land. They have redeemed their land and experienced significant, positive results, and have asked for information on cleansing their homes and businesses. The original plan was to add details concerning spiritually cleansing a home into the Land book. Because of the amount of information that needed to be addressed, it became apparent that adding a chapter or two wouldn't adequately cover the subject. This book contains my personal testimony of how the Lord led my husband and me into this ministry, and it contains testimonies from others who have received positive, life changing results from spiritually cleansing their home, There is a testimony where cleansing and dedicating a person's home may have saved a life! I personally believe that this is a spiritual field that is waiting to be harvested. I believe the Lord is saying, "Take notice, this field is ripe for harvest -- go forth and set my people free!" (John 4:35) Some have used their testimony of ridding their homes and land of demons as a means of leading someone to Christ. We have witnessed how this scriptural method of cleansing land and homes has inspired people and given them the knowledge to help others. When they see and experience the reality of how this really works, they want to get into their Bibles to learn more. This is a way to change a neighborhood, and even a city.
  • March 1, 2016
  • 92 pages

eBook-From The Courtroom of Heaven Jeanette Strauss

eBook-Heavenly Advance

eBook-Heavenly Impact

eBook-From The Courtroom of Heaven: Prayers and Petitions Jeanette Strauss

eBook-From The Courtroom of Heaven-Spanish Jeanette Strauss

eBook-Prayers and Petitions-Spanish Jeanette Strauss

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