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End-Time Handmaidens & Servants
40th World Convention!
“Mantled with Glory for the Nations”
July 2-6, 2018
Calling all Worshippers, Intercessors, Revivalists, Harvesters, and Hungry Hearts!
Everyone is welcome!
Speakers include: Etienne Blom, Dutch Sheets, Barbara Yoder, Sigi Oblander, Mark Bristow, Gene Little, Marcdonald Ndlovu, and Sharon Buss.
Heavenly Impact Worship Seminar
July 19th – 20th
Evening Sessions
Volga South Dakota
Volga Community Center
Contact information Deb (605) 695-6287
Land Redemption Seminar
Sunday July 23rd
Courtroom of Heaven Seminar
July 22nd
Clark South Dakota
Contact information: Linda & John Mills
(605) 532-3234

Jeanette Strauss of Glorious Creations.

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